Rainbow Black 3" Glitter Grosgrain Ribbon - 5-Yards

$8.99 $10.99

Black with rainbow specs. Our glitter grosgrain ribbon is sparkly and fantastic for a quick and easy glitter cheer bow.  One side of grosgrain ribbon is coated in thick glitter.  The glitter is durable and does not come off on your hands or in the hair.  Although the manufacturer does state that the ribbon should not be ironed, we have had success heat pressing glitter vinyl and rhinestones on top of the ribbon.  Your results may vary and we do not guarantee the adhesion will be the same as glitter vinyl.  Be sure to test before committing to a large amount to make sure you are satisfied with the results.  The ribbon is not suitable for sublimation.  If you are pressing, be sure to cover the ribbon entirely with a Teflon cover sheet and do not let the ribbon rest directly on the iron or heat press platen.  Peel the cover sheet at a lukewarm to cool temperature.