Elite Premium Light Bright AB Crystal Hot-Fix Rhinestones - 500 gross - SS10 WHOLESALE

$89.99 $129.99

Light Bright AB rhinestones are similar to AB crystal stones.  They reflect light with more blue tones than crystal AB rhinestones.  
Our Premium Elite Hotfix rhinestones are now available!  Stones double machine cut to 12-14 facets (depending on color) giving them brilliant sparkle and vibrant colors.  These stones are perfect for garments, bags, shirts, leggings, leotards, ribbon, and other ribbon.  

Elite Stones are hotfix and should be applied with a heat press.  We recommend you set your heat press to 325-350 Fahrenheit for about 15 seconds.  Larger stones will require a longer/hotter press.

Our supplier is OEKO-TEX certified. Oeko-Tex (Sustainable Textile Production) is a worldwide certification system for environmentally friendly and socially responsible production facilities in the textile and clothing industry.