3" Printed Glitter Vinyl Strip Set - Kick Swish Pattern


These glitter strips are printed and ready to be pressed on your ribbon. They are all in one piece, so no piecing of individual colors is required!  Just peel the backing, press on your ribbon and you are ready to fold your bow!

Your choice of being printed on rainbow glitter or matte glitter. Rainbow glitter (on left) will give you shine and sparkle, but the colors will be less vibrant. Matte glitter (on right) will give you vibrant colors, but no sparkle. (Bright red, white and black shown here.)


** If you need it to match to our solid glitter vinyl, you will need to order this product:
Kick Swish Glitter Vinyl Bow Cut Outs -
With this product, the pieces are cut out individually and will need to be pressed individually, but it's the same exact material as our solid glitter vinyl cutouts.