3" Stars and Stripes Spangle Bow Heat Transfer Set

SKU: 242-flagset-2

This design includes holographic colors. Includes two strips. There are almost 3000 spangles between the two pieces. One strip is silver and red stripes and the other side is half silver and red stripes with silver stars. Finished example shows one side over white mystique and the other side over white and blue mystique. Spangle strips have lot of spangles on them, but your base ribbon color will show through in between the spangles. This can make big difference in the look of the spangle strip. Dark color ribbons tend to make silvers and golds pop more, while light colors highlight the bright color spangles. Rest assured that no matter what your base ribbon color is, your spangle strip will be sparkly and fabulous!

Spangle bling is smooth, durable, bright, light weight and colorful. Best of all, Spangles are lead-free so they are safe for all ages.  Spangle gives your design extra shine and are a great cost effective alternative to rhinestones.