Ready To Ship! - 4" Rhinestone Fully Crusted Tailless Cheer Bow Strip

SKU: RTS-4E-470-CR
$3.99 $11.09

These will fit on 4" wide ribbon and measure about 10" long.

Please note this strip has rhinestones of different heights.  It will require heavy pressure for all rhinestones to adhere.  We have designed it with extra SS6 stones to allow for some stones to remain attached to the transfer tape while maintaining the full look to the design.  You will have the most success using a heat press for this design.
**Extra attention to detail is required when pressing strips that have multiple size stones.  Please start by increasing your time, temperature and pressure.  You will need to press using a pressing pillow to ensure all size stones are making contact with the heat press.  Press once with stones right side up, then flip over and again from the back.  While the strip is still hot, firmly rub the transfer tape while it cools.  Finally, carefully begin to remove the transfer tape.  If you see stones remaining on the transfer tape, do not remove the transfer tape.  Place it back down and repeat the process.