1.5" Gymnastics-Sport Bow Template Mat

SKU: sportmat

Super sparkly bows with iron-ons aren't just for cheer.  Gymnastics love them, too. These unique bows use 1.5" ribbon and our bow mat shows exactly where to place your iron-ons to get perfect placement.  Plus, the folding guide keeps team sets consistent!  It is made from thick mat material with printed common folding template on top. This folding template shows how to fold bow perfectly proportional and even has ribbon measurement guide printed on the template showing exactly where to place decals and embellishments to make sure they are visible. Printed on the mat are instructions and tips. The mat also doubles as an ironing surface. The mat is thick rubber material with smooth fabric top. You can even brace your ribbon with clips. The mat measures about 15" wide and 12" tall.

Due to the nature of this mat, it is non-returnable.