3 Inch Wide Reflective Silver Smooth Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl for Autograph Cheer Bows


Sparkles never go out of style and now you can get beautiful, reflective glitter in for your autograph bows, too! Get creative with our new smooth glitter heat transfer vinyl featuring a glossy feel and a unique reflective finish that shifts in the light and is perfect for writing on with a permanent marker or ball point pen. Reflective Glitter will make any bow you decorate stand out from the crowd.  Smooth glitter texture won’t flake off.  Only recommended for single layer application.  Do not layer on top with any other fabric, vinyl, rhinestones or spangles.  The smooth texture will not allow the material to adhere.

This glitter vinyl has actual polyester glitter flakes encased in a high quality heat sealing adhesive. The vinyl has a smooth finish with reflective glitter flakes for ultimate shine and sparkle, but since the flakes are sealed, they are neat and easy to work with.  This style can be written on with permanent marker for autograph bows.

Rolls:  Each roll has 5-yards on it, so you can measure and cut exactly what you need. We strive to ship this as one complete roll without any splices, but sometimes our master roll has a splice in it. If this happens, we will ship you extra length. This product comes on a clear plastic carrier sheet, so you can cut it in your vinyl cutter if you need to. Rolls will be cut to slightly less (about 1/8") of stated width to allow for ribbon width variance. Simply adhere it to your ribbon with a heat press or household iron.